Turning Back The Clock With Shabby Chic Decorating

Shabby Chic Decor

You may disagree with me, but it seems as if home decor has taken a turn from the more modern contemporary styles back to more comfy, cozy shabby chic decorating. Maybe it has something to do with nostalgia.

You see, when we were young and we visited grandma, her home wasn’t decorated with matching or complementary sofas, chairs and table sets. Rather, the rooms usually contained mismatched, unique pieces which reflected the warm embracing feeling we came to associate with our grandmothers.

Do you remember the old lace, or finely-crocheted doilies on the end tables, or the worn, but soft rugs on the floor? And think about the knick-knacks and decorative objects she displayed. You could probably find many of these types of objects today at your local flea market or garage sales.

Of course, all these things form the basis of turning back the clock with shabby chic decorating. It has become so popular and fashionable that top end designers, stores and boutiques have made it a mainstay of their businesses.

But lest you think you must shop these upscale places in order to achieve shabby chic style, the actual appeal for many people is all about the search for, and restoration of, just the perfect old traditional pieces of furniture. After scouring yard sales, flea markets and garage sales people take their treasures home to begin the sanding and painting process.

Restoring a piece of furniture so that it achieves the right shabby chic style is an acquired skill. Knowing how deep to sand and on which particular parts of the piece before painting can make all the difference in the finished product.

And when it comes to choosing a color scheme, the palette usually includes pale, soft or faded colors. A creative use of patterns such as florals, checks and stripes against a soft pale color adds a charming flair seldom seen in contemporary design.

Unleashing your creativity can produce wonderful results, especially when you’re working with pieces intended to function as furniture. For example, you can create tables out of old boxes made of wood. Then use these tables to display other acquired treasures which complement your shabby chic decorating. Candles, photos, and flower arrangements in unique vases are the perfect accents to your newly-fashioned tables.

And have you ever thought about recycling old doors or gates, either wooden or wrought iron, to create a fabulous headboard for your bed? If you didn’t care to display the door or gate in its natural form, you could cover it with beautiful shabby chic decorating fabrics like florals in soft pastel colors, chintz or gingham.

These fabrics also come in handy when trying to give your current sofa a fresh, new look. Slip covers are often used in shabby chic decorating to make attractive transformations to existing pieces of furniture. Then you can add the finishing touches to your room with family pictures and traditional paintings held in old or antique frames.

Whether your preference is combing through all the items at flea markets or garage sales, or shopping specialty furniture shops you’re sure to find what you’re looking for to complete your shabby chic decorating adventures.

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