Shabby Chic Decor – Combine a Love of Vintage Decor, Genealogy & Old Photos

Shabby Chic Decor

Shabby chic decor may not represent the very hottest trend going but it offers a fantastic way to satisfy those of us with a nostalgic nature on so many levels.  I love the way it updates the traditional look of antiques and vintage decor with the use of pastel colors blended with white and cream tones.  Fabrics also enhance the overall atmosphere of coziness and add a very natural feel to the room.

In addition to my love of vintage decor, history and genealogy I also like the feeling I get when I can make smart use of resources, cutting down on waste and clutter. Shabby chic decor fits in very nicely since you can re-purpose what some might view as trash into a lovely vintage treasure.

Old books can become valuable again as accent pieces.  An old chair left out curbside for the garbage collection can be rescued with a coat of paint, some techniques to give it a vintage look and a newly crafted seat cushion.  Old pewter, silver or silverplate serving pieces that are showing some wear become elegant and useful again as accent pieces.

Recently, I came across a great idea for turning old lanterns or glass jars into display pieces for vintage photos. If you explore genealogy for very long you quickly find out vintage photos are part of the fun.  When you start to accumulate a large collection it gets tough to make smart use of them.  I would have never thought of putting them in a lantern or mason jar.  It just doesn’t sound very appealing does it?

Turns out, this is a great piece of shabby chic decor.  Just paint an old lantern off white, or white, use the distressed paint techniques so common in this kind of decorating, then copy and print your old photos on photo paper, and size them to fit inside the lantern. The final step is to cut them out and insert them so that they stand up inside the lantern.

Be sure to get creative, add more accents according to your color scheme and individual preferences.  Pictures aren’t just for picture frames and scrapbooks anymore, thank goodness.  Now they can be amazing conversation pieces throughout the home!

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