Shabby Chic and Interior Design

Shabby Chic Decor

You’ve all heard the words Shabby Chic. Just what is Shabby Chic, and how can it save you money?

I like to call this style “The legitimized loss of control.” One definition of this style “secondhand stylishness.” It is a decorating style that appears to be here to stay. It is great for people who like to save money.

Shabby Chic can mean a lot of things. In the same way that Realtors use words like cozy or cute to mean small and crowded when it comes to houses, it can mean scratched, full of holes, bad paint job, lovable eyesore, etc.

However, the value of Shabby Chic is the original quality of the piece, and the fact that it is still around, and/or the character you give it when fixing it up. Whether it is an old piece of furniture, or a faded piece of fabric, the fact that it is worn, yet still usable, is a lot of its charm.

Shabby Chic is antiques without the price tag. It’s finding furniture at flea markets and fixing it up. It’s peeling paint, milk paint finishes, worm holes, rust, or anything green. Nicks and scratches don’t matter. They are character. The underlying quality is what matters.

What does this mean to you? It means you can scour the basements of relatives and look for old, discarded items that they will be more than willing to let you have. It means that things you were once embarrassed to have in your basement can now sit proudly in your living room. It’s freedom, it’s creativity.

Some of the hallmarks of shabby chic are old faded patchwork quilts, old ivory lace curtains, and overstuffed chintz armchairs. This style is comfortable. It’s inviting. It’s a style where one doesn’t have to worry about shoes on the coffee table.

Shabby Chic is not for everyone, but for many people it is a great money saver.

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