How to Get That Simply Shabby Chic Look in 5 Easy Steps

Shabby Chic Decor

Women all over the world are trying to create that simply shabby chic look for themselves but just don’t know where to start or sometimes where to stop. Here are just a few tips and tricks of the trade that can really pull it all together for you.

Tip 1. Step back and really look at what you have at home . the secret to the simply shabby chic style may be right in front of you. An old teacup from your grandmother a milk jug from the kitchen and some flowers from the yard, put them together on your bedside table and there you are simply shabby chic.

tip 2. Lighting is so important look for lamp shades with vintage beaded fringing, decorate them with pink velvet roses and cottage flowers, add lace doileys and a romantic corner is created.

tip 3. Look for the little things simply shabby chic bathrooms are just a matter of dainty soaps they don’t have to match and why not use a vintage pillowcase as a guest towel the embroidered edges add a pretty look.

tip 4. Kitchens can also get the simply shabby chic treatment, dig out your old scales and pile a few of your clean tea towels on top. Keep you eyes out for old world accessories like soap savers and wash boards hanging them on your walls really gives that vintage simply shabby chic style.

Tip 5. Texture and fragrance also add so much to a simply shabby chic home look for soft pink velvet, satin and velvet roses to fill dark corners also add lengths of vintage beaded fringing to curtin rods and under shelves .

Last but by no means least remember that the true simply shabby chic look is understated don’t have everything in your home distressed, miss matched or floral a truly beautiful home is a blend of many things. Your own personality mixed with the simply shabby chic style will always be unique and special.

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