How to Get a Classy Shabby Chic Feel to Your Home?

Shabby Chic Decor

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of vintage style interiors and more and more people are now using ‘shabby chic’ in every day terms when talking about interior design and decoration.

So where did this term ‘shabby chic’ come from. The style developed from the old English Country house style and the older French look and has now developed into its own unique style of themed decor.

The two key words here are of course ‘shabby’ and ‘chic’ words that have distinctive meaning. Shabby meaning worn out, frayed or threadbare and ‘chic’ meaning stylish, elegant and fashionable.

So how do we achieve that ‘antique style’ look without our homes looking worn and uncared for?

Furniture is a good place to start with lots of options. Many retailers now sell lovely distressed looking furniture such as coffee tables or side tables made from wood and painted normally in white or pastel colours, sometimes plain and sometimes with a design embellished into the wood.

Then there is the home accessories that are available and many of our favourite decor items such as photo frames, hanging decorations and clocks all come in varying vintage style designs and at differing prices.

So why is this style so popular? Well there is always something friendly and comforting about a home that is decorated in this style with a real vintage feel and the theme can be adopted for most rooms in the home including the kitchen, bedroom, conservatory and of course the lounge or living rooms.

The focus of many homes is the living room and hall where we often find numerous shabby chic items like coffee tables, photo frames and wall decorations all offering a pale painted finish which has been lightly distressed.

So where else is popular for these vintage style items. Many homes will have shabby chic furniture or decor items in their conservatory and one of the favourites is the shabby chic garden bench with some pretty shabby chic photo frames or candlesticks to carry the distressed theme throughout.

There are lots of vintage style home accessories that endorse this distressed look and you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to obtain a gorgeous authentic vintage style look around your home. Many online stores sell beautiful shabby chic home accessories and you should shop around as online shops or retailers can offer substantial savings when comparing to high street retailers.

So, consider vintage home style furniture, decor and home accessories and watch your own home turn into a classy vintage style elegant and chic yet warm and loving place to live with soft furnishings, light coloured fabrics, distressed style furniture and some unique accessories to obtain that ever popular shabby chic style effect.

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